Made from 100% recycled red wine barrels and using only fresh neutral barrels for a thoroughly seasoned wood chip, guaranteed.

Whether you’re a grill master or just an admirer, Smokin Red wood chips make a wonderful addition to your culinary arsenal as well as a great gift for the grille-master in your life!

About Us

I personally handpick the wine barrels from wineries throughout Northern California. I select only the newest neutral barrels for use. The best barrels allow for the best product and best wood chip.
The first thing you will notice is the aroma from the wood chips which you can only get from using the best neutral barrels. The barrels are processed and bagged in the same day capturing the fresh aroma from the wine-soaked barrels.
This is a food grade resealable Ziploc bag. This allows you to capture and hold it fresh aromas time and time again. Smokin red is the perfect cycle for a wine barrel, repurpose reuse and recycled to be enjoyed with good great foods, great wines and great friends….

Smokin Red is all about quality.

Using Only The Best Ingredients

Smokin Red smoking chips are a great addition to your BBQ essentials. Give your favorite entrees that extra flare that can be found in no other smoking chip!

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Grilling Tips

Before grilling grab a handful of chips and place into a bowl then pour water, beer or wine to cover chips entirely, let soak for up to one hour.

Next place your chips into your smoker box or you can make one using aluminum foil, simply place your chips on the foil then fold over to make a pouch then make several holes on top.

About 30 minutes before cooking place your smoker box or pouch directly on to the coals or as your grill recommends,  you can also add a few dry chips to add a little more  smoke.

Remember to check your chips and add as necessary.

Oak red wine barrels make excellent wood chips for smoking on the grill.

As the various wines age in the oak barrels the flavors and aromas seep into the oak adding a distinct and unique smoky flavor to all your grilling.

Especially great with seafood, poultry and vegetables.

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